Today many companies face the task of modernization and reorganization of the production facilities. Modernization of any production as well as launching of a new one is an aggregate of multiple actions. It is not enough just to buy and install equipment. The efficiency of this effort is dependent on preliminary evaluation and on precision of engineering project management.

The right way to begin modernization is to analyze the needs of the company. First, an audit of the production and management is carried out. The evidence obtained forms the basis of the future equipment engineering project. Using reliable evidence, the engineering provider:

  • makes a feasibility study for investment into the project,
  • makes a comparative analysis of several variants of the project solutions and chooses the optimum one,
  • makes the final decision on the expediency and viability of the modernization project,
  • prepares packages of design and manufacturing documentation, graphic materials and 3-D models,
  • administers implementation of the project..


Such efforts with after-project support of customers can only be mastered by companies specializing in engineering service provision.

Pumori Corporation, having a number of member companies, provides the whole range of engineering services; for any engineering challenge of a customer, Pumori can offer expert solutions.


  • Planning of new production facilities and upgrade of existing ones
  • Development of production management concepts
  • RoI study and preparation of the investment project
  • Comprehensive implementation of the project. Field supervision
  • Complete technical and servicing support
  • Consulting and training



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