All member companies of the Corporation provide training on line, either in the company's facility executing orders or in the customer’s workshop on the equipment purchased by them with our specialists helping on site.





  • train operators to work on the equipment bought;
  • provide maintenance essentials training for specialists of the department of mechanical engineering.

Pumori Corporation has established, jointly with major technical universities of the country, a number of training and demonstration centres in Russia’s largest industrial centres, such as Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Perm and others.

Areas of activities of the training centres:

  • training of skilled workers and engineers to work on modern high-tech equipment;
  • retraining of technical specialists;
  • training of customer’s personnel at the time of purchasing the equipment;
  • supplies of classrooms to companies and educational institutions;
  • running skills contests among technical specialists.


— skilled personnel, who have obligatorily undergone special training in companies that produce equipment and tools
and who have long experience of working with various suppliers’ equipment;

— a comfortable classroom;

— high-tech equipment;

— original tooling and materials for practicing various machining methods.


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