Pumori Corporation supplies a wide range of products for work preparation. Those are vertical and horizontal band-saw machines, equipment for welding of band saws, automated high-speed disc cutoff equipment.

We offer section bending machines, rolls, equipment for drawing-out of noses in pipes and equipment for cutting of thin pipes.


IMET S.p.A., bandsaw machines (Italy)
Tsune, circular-sawing machines (Japan)
Tecnocut, water jet cutting, high-pressure pumps (Italy) 
Davi-Promau, plate rolls and angle rolls (Italy)
VLB, tube bending machines (Portugal)
Warcom, press brakes, guillotine shears, fiber-laser and plasma cutting machines (Italy)
King Mazon, fold-bend machines (PR China)
MVD Inan, sheet-bending machinery, guillotines and presses (Turkey)

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