Technology audit of a machining workshop in a drilling-rig factory

By the time the project started, the factory was producing 11 drilling rigs per year. In accordance with the group’s plans and the market situation, it was necessary to enable production of 50 rigs annually. Our task was to develop an efficiency improvement program and a modernization program to support the forward-looking production plan.


  • Customer: 
    A group of several companies producing earth-drilling and oil-and-gas equipment
  • Provider: Pumori-Engineering Invest


Project aim

Evaluation of the condition of the production capacities and existing processes in the factory, development of the modernization project to enable production of 50 drilling rigs per year.



  • Study of detailed design and shopfloor documentation, and review of its conformance to the corporate and industry standards
  • Study of production accounting documentation, and review of its conformance to the existing standards
  • Efficiency analysis of the existing processes
  • Analysis of the process rate-setting system
  • Status analysis of the plant and processes
  • Analysis of information on manufacture cycles of key parts and assembly units
  • Production constraints analysis
  • Preproduction system analysis
  • Analysis of the production process control system
  • Analysis of the staff situation


  • Process design for key parts and assembly units using highly efficient technological solutions
  • Preparation of preproduction process improvement proposals
  • Preparation of production management system improvement proposals
  • Drawing up of recommendations on performance improvement (shortening the production cycles, reducing the inventory)
  • Development of specifications for the equipment to be purchased
  • Evaluation of necessary equipment quantities and load factors
  • Plant layout planning
  • Planning of the production logistics structure
  • Project implementation costing      


Project result

The decision on technical upgrade of the machining production in accordance with the project developed has been taken and implemented. The factory has hit all its production targets.