Frequently asked questions of our customer


How long have you been in the market?

Pumori has been present in the metalworking market since 1989.

How many employees do you have?

The member companies of Pumori Corporation employ about 400 people.

Do you have your own production? Can we see it?

We have several production shops:

(1) Since 1993, complex clamping tools have been designed and manufactured in Ekaterinburg, including boring systems, some of which have no analogues.

(2) Further, Ekaterinburg and Perm are locations for production of modern CNC machine tools — models best suited for the Russian market.

(3) In 2000, an innovative technology for the production of steam and gas turbine blades was developed and introduced. Blades and vanes are manufactured in Pumori-Energy.

(4) Pumori Northwest has developed its own product Pumori Robotics.

It is used in automation and robotization projects for machining production.

Certainly, we can arrange for a tour of the production that is of interest to you.

What is the delivery time of the equipment? We need it yesterday.

Each Pumori company makes every possible effort to minimize the delivery times. Also, in the current conditions, when many of the accustomed logistic chains are broken, we are tirelessly working at alternative opportunities. If the deadlines we can offer do not suit the customer, our team are willing to discuss all the options again and again in order to find the realistic solution that will be acceptable to you.

What warranty do you give for the products you sell?

Each product is covered by a warranty set by the manufacturer. When they so wish, we conclude an extended warranty contract with customers.

We need a cheaper option, can you do it?

To be sure, a cheaper option can almost always be found. However, we should make it clear: all our prices are economically justified, and to decrease a price one has to dispense with something, for instance some optional items in the scope of delivery, some accessories, premium quality or VIP service level. Pumori experts will inform you clearly and precisely, and then it’s up to you to decide.

Now that a lot of foreign manufacturers have quit the Russian market, is Pumori able to offer something in replacement?

Yes, we offer, for example, machinery made by AMG and BFW from India, Priminer and Headman from China, DNR from Turkey. They all produce modern high-quality CNC machine tools and machining centres. Certain brands and models of European equipment are not subject to the sanctions, and Pumori continues to sell them. Any machine can be bought with technologies.

A special mention should be made of indigenous solutions. They are both our own products (already mentioned) and cutting tools made by KZTS, Tomsky Instrument, Kirzhachsky Instrument, NIR, SKIF M. They are also Russian-made automated storage systems comparing in quality and functionality with foreign analogues.

Are you confident in delivery of equipment in the current context of sanctions?

We work only with those suppliers which have confirmed, in word and in deed, their preparedness to work with us in the current conditions. At the same time, we keep monitoring the situation, and should new obstacles for our business come up, we will react without delay.

Who will be responsible for warranty and servicing obligations?

It depends on the product being purchased, but in most cases warranty, postwarranty, and non-warranty servicing is part of the engineering package provided by Pumori companies.