Diesel engine production development project

The project provides for an output increase from 3 to 10 thousand engines per year with the use of automation.
The process stages designed: machining, assembly, and testing.


Project aim

Expansion of the existing production of small-sized universal diesel engines.

Project stages


  • Technological audit of the existing production
  • Process design
  • Consideration of contract manufacturing
  • Development of specifications for the equipment to be purchased
  • Evaluation of necessary equipment quantities and load factors
  • Cutting, clamping and measuring tool requirements calculation
  • Plant layout planning
  • Planning of the production logistics structure
  • Calculation of direct and indirect material consumption
  • Calculation of energy consumption by the equipment being purchased
  • Design of an optimum organization and staff structure and staff sizing
  • Setup of the project implementation time schedule
  • Project implementation costing


Project result

The project passed the management approval and the investors’ approval stages. The financing was obtained. The project has been accomplished in full.