Tooling up is an integral part of the metalworking processes. Timely tooling up of machine-tools not only determines the quality of the products, but also has a direct impact on overall productivity. 

Pumori Corporation provides the opportunity to buy a wide choice of tooling accessories for machines at affordable prices. With Pumori, you can always count on knowledgeable assistance and competent advice helping you to find adequate tooling. Since there are thousands of attachments, jigs, and other tooling accessories, it is important to be scrupulous about choosing.


The selection of the tooling requires careful consideration for the requirements with regard to the machinery operation and technical ratings. One should take account of the machine size, the tool storage capacity, the spindle position (which governs the vertical or horizontal orientation of the unit), and the taper and pull-stud type.

The key question in choosing tooling and accessories is how the machine will be used; mass production requires high productivity, while manufacture of parts having various shapes gives priority to variability.

Competent selection of tooling for a certain manufacturing process will minimize the risks of rejection and significantly improve the efficiency of the whole production.


Usage of computerized numerical control in modern machines provides high accuracy and speed of manufacture. Modern machinery manufacturers utilize the widest range of various tools; these can be divided into two groups:

  • Workpiece locators and holders. Well-chosen elements will enable fixing workpieces on the production equipment in accordance with the project developed.
  • Clamping tools for CNC machines are intended for cutting tool retention.

In the choice of tooling, the machine type is essential equipment: tools will be different for a lathe and a milling centre. Each device has its narrow applicability.

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