What is technical upgrade

Technical upgrade is taken to mean renovation of the active part of the capital assets (machine tools and other equipment) while mainly continuing to use the existing passive part (buildings and structures). The aim is re-orientation of production to different products or increase in the efficiency of the production of existing products in accordance with the needs of the market on the base of modernization (adoption of modern matériel and advanced technologies), mechanization, automation, replacement of obsolete and worn-out equipment with more innovative, productive, and modern one, with indispensable staff optimization.

To carry out technical upgrade, it usually makes sense to fall back on a company rendering engineering services. Your engineering partner will help you to avoid haphazard purchases of equipment in favor of planned, project-based, systemic work at technical upgrade. The aim of the package of engineering services is to have the customer independently operate the new equipment using new technologies. An engineering company works in close contact with the customer’s specialists; together, they shape, adapt, and document the technology for a given product lineup. As a result, the customer gets the best equipment, tools, software, and technological processes for his application.


  • Technology audit, upgrade recommendations, preparation of RFPs on new processes, machinery and equipment
  • Development and implementation of processes and NC programs for the equipment
  • Prototyping and manufacture of pilot lots
  • Selection and supply of equipment for blanking and metalworking
  • Design, development and supply of tools and accessories
  • Establishment of a tool management system

An example of a technical upgrade project implemented with the help of Pumori-Engineering Invest: Diesel engine production development project