Confidentiality of Personal Information

1. Provision of information by the Client:

1.1. When registering on the Website (hereinafter, the Website) and/or subscribing for a mailout and/or making a hotline call, the Client provides the following information: first name, surname, patronymic, e-mail address, phone number, and optionally the date of birth and the place of work.

1.2. In providing his/her personal data, the Client consents to its processing (until the Client revokes his/her consent to his/her personal data to be processed) by Pumori Corporation Ltd (hereinafter, the Company), in the aims of fulfilment by the Company and/or his partners their obligations towards the client, sale of goods and provision of services, provision of reference information, and also in the aims of marketing of goods, work and services, as well as consents to receiving of messages of advertisement and information and service messages. In processing the Client's personal data, the Company is governed by the Federal Law On Personal Data, the Federal Law On Advertisement and local normative documents.

1.2.1. If the Client wishes that his/her personal data be refined, blocked or destroyed in the event that it is incomplete, obsolete, inaccurate, unlawfully obtained or unnecessary for the declared aim of processing, or if the Client wishes to revoke his/her consent to personal data processing or eliminate unlawful actions of Pumori Corporation Ltd with regard to his/her personal data, then the Client shall send a written demand to the e-mail address for users' applications on personal data:

If the Client wishes his/her account on the Website to be deleted, the Client shall write to our address with such request. This action does not imply that the Client revokes his/her consent to processing his/her personal data, which shall, according to the current legislation, ensue according to the procedure provided for in Paragraph 1 of this Item.

1.3. Use of information provided by the Client and obtained by the Company.

1.3.1 The Company uses data provided by the Client within the entire period of the Client's being registered on the Website for the aims of:

  • registration/authorization of the Client on the Website; 
  • processing the Client's Orders and fulfilling the Company's obligations towards the Client; 
  • activities of marketing goods and services; 
  • evaluation and analysis of the work of the Website; 
  • determination of the winner in the Company's promotional actions; 
  • analysis of consumer peculiarities of the Client and provision of personal recommendations; 
  • informing the client about promotional actions, discounts and special offers via electronic and SMS mailouts. 

1.3.2. The Company has the right to send messages of advertisement and information to the Client. If the Client does not wish to receive messages of advertisement and information from the Company, he/she must change the relevant settings in the corresponding section of his/her Personal Area. After such change of the said settings, the Company's mailouts may continue to come during 3 days, due to the peculiarities of the work and interaction of information systems as well as by the terms and conditions of contracts with contractors sending mailouts in the Company's interests of messages of advertisement and information. 

2. Provision and transfer of information obtained by the Seller: 

2.1. The Company commits itself not to pass information obtained from the Client to third parties. Provision of information by the Company to agents and third parties shall not be considered a violation if such agents and third parties act under a contract with the Company and use such information to fulfil obligations towards the Client and only within such contracts. Transfer by the Company of data on the Client shall not be considered a violation of this Item if such data is transferred in a depersonalized form in the aims of evaluation and analysis of the work of the Website, analysis of consumer peculiarities of the Client and provision of personal recommendations.

2.2. Transfer of information shall not be considered a violation of the obligations if it is in accordance with justified and applicable requirements of the Russian Federation legislation.

2.3. The Company has the right to use cookies. Cookies do not contain confidential information and are not passed to third parties.

2.4. The Company obtains information about the IP address of a visitor to the Website and the details of the website from which such visitor was referred to the Website. This information is not used to identify the visitors.

2.5. The Company shall not be held responsible for information presented by the Client on the Website in a generally available form.

2.6. In personal data processing, the Company takes necessary and adequate organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from illegitimate access to them and from other unlawful actions with respect to personal data.

2.7. More detailed information on Pumori Corporation's personal data processing policy can be found here.

3. Storage and use of information by the Client 

3.1. The Client promises not to tell the username and password used by him/her for logging in to the Website to third parties.

3.2. The Client promises to exercise due care and diligence in keeping and using his/her username and password (including but not limited to: using licenced antivirus software, using complex alphanumeric combinations in the password, not placing the computer or other equipment with the Client's username and password entered at third parties' disposal, etc.).

3.3. Should the Company become suspicious about use of the Client's account by a third party or malware, the Company shall have the right to change, at its sole discretion, the Client's password.