Integration of the Dispatcher monitoring system into compressor and cryogenic equipment production

All equipment was connected to the monitoring system. It keeps track of each machine’s and each operator’s work (personnel logging in, e shifttasks, shift reports, reject tracking, registration and classification of equipment downtime). Equipment status reports have been designed, and are automatically generated and sent round. Storage of NC programs is centralized. The programs are transferred to the machines from the database, and linked to shift tasks.

After the first month of the project implementation, the check:

  • Confirmed underutilization of the equipment on weekdays without external reasons.
  • Exposed superfluous demand for work at weekends for operators to be paid premium.
  • Exposed cases of repeat presentation of the products already reported.



Project aim

The equipment was often incapable of meeting the production targets, causing work at weekends with an ensuing labor cost increase. Calculations demonstrated that the work time fund was quite sufficient for the production target delivery. Therefore, it was decided to integrate the monitoring system for objective information on equipment load and causes of suboptimal usage.

Project stages


  • ​Process design for machining of the parts
  • Design of the robotic system
  • Visualization of the system functioning
  • Design and manufacture of tooling
  • Development of NC programs for the machines
  • Development of NC programs for the robot
  • Assembly, setup, and start of the system

Project result

Implementation of the manufacture process for the pinion-shaft and the pinion in two setups in automatic mode.