Production of special fasteners for on-board navigation and safety systems

The production of the fasteners was contracted to an outsourcer. Since the quality was poor and the deliveries, unsteady, the customer decided to start its own production. Additionally, the customer aimed at increasing the production volumes to bring down the cost.


  • Sector: Instrumentation
    (production of on-board navigation and safety systems for the transport machine industry)
  • Workpiece: Special fasteners
  • Provider: Pumori-Engineering Invest

Project features

This technological solution is based on using Greenway long-turning automatic lathes. The machining was done with both cutting and threading tools working at a tremendous speed (M7 thread along the length of 17 mm for 2.5 seconds) while complying with the highest accuracy and roughness standards. A special angular head wad designed and made to mill recesses of various shapes and dimensions.

Project stages


  • Process design
  • Selection and supply of equipment
  • Selection and supply of cutting and clamping tools
  • Design and manufacture of special tooling
  • Development of NC programs for the machine
  • Start-up
  • Process implementation and manufacture of 10 different test parts
  • Training of the customer’s staff




 Project result

The parts are produced with adequate quality and steadiness; the productivity has grown fivefold.