Setup of an installation for unattended manufacture of parts of electrical appliances using flexible rapid-changing robotic cells

A solution has been designed and implemented, with 4 robotic cells, each consisting of 1 machine and 1 industrial robot. Unattended manufacture process implemented for 20 part titles.


  • Customer: 
    Large industrial group producing on-board navigation, radiolocation, control, and safety systems for railway rolling stock
  • Provider: Pumori-Engineering Invest


Project aim

Setup of an installation for unattended manufacture, reduction of the manufacture labor hours.


Project stages

  • Process design for machining of the parts
  • Design of the robotic system
  • Visualization of the system functioning
  • Design and manufacture of tooling
  • Development of NC programs for the machines
  • Development of NC programs for the robot
  • Assembly, setup, and start of the system
  • Start-up
  • Test manufacture
  • Training of the customer’s staff


Project result

Increase in productivity by a factor of 3.5. Consistent workmanship achieved. The process enables 24×7 operation.