Machining of a drawworks load drum shell in one turning centre

The customer’s previous process of manufacturing the shell was complicated, labor-intensive, and energy-demanding. It included 10+ operations in various machine-tools, without achieving consistent workmanship.

The part is most critical, material-intensive, and high-accuracy-demanding. Shells with a critical internal diameter ratio are the most difficult ones to make; at the same time, they are widely used in engineering.


Information about the project:

  • Sector: Oil-and-gas and earth-drilling machine production
  • Workpiece: Drawworks load drum shell 
  • Provider:  Pumori-Engineering Invest


Project features

The new technological solution allowed performing all the machining in one Weiler (Germany) turning centre. The uniqueness of the solution consists in turning of a solid piece followed by cutting it into sectors along the axis of rotation. The ultimate cutting (one of the most complicated machining steps) involves use of special-design attachments, which allow cutting without the risk of cut-off sectors falling down when the piece rotates. A special head was also designed and manufactured for cutting with a side mill.

Project stages

  • Process design
  • Selection and supply of equipment
  • Selection and supply of cutting and clamping tools
  • Design and manufacture of special tooling
  • Development of NC programs for the machine
  • Start-up
  • Process implementation and test manufacture
  • Training of the customer's staff


Project result

The manufacture labor hours cut by two thirds The part quality is 100% consistent.