Ural-Tool-Pumori begins production of a new milling centre model

19 December 2018

Ural-Tool-Pumori has begun to assemble yet another machine model, the UiP VF 550/1200 milling centre. Demonstration of this machine will take place in the assembly shop of the company in Perm on 20 December at 12 o’clock.

Compared to the UiP VF 450/1000, which is already being produced, the new model features a more powerful drive of 16.5/11 kW, and the table of 1200 x 550 mm with a possible load of 800 kg. Its weight is 7 500 kg. The machine can be used for both roughing (including heavy-duty milling) and finishing of surfaces requiring high accuracy. It can machine various materials, hardened steel included.

The co-production of the CNC milling centres has been carried out by ACE Micromatic Group (India) and Ural-Tool-Pumori Ltd since 2015. It is noteworthy that ACE machinery is certified to European standards and recommended for any engineering application, aerospace among others. ACE’s customers are such giants as Bosch, Honda, Toyota; forty percent of India’s production facilities are equipped by none other than ACE Micromatic Group, which is clear enough evidence of the high quality of their machine-tools.

The designers pay special attention to ergonomics: an optimum loading height, free access to the spindle, easy chip removal, and convenience of maintenance.

Russian-Indian ACE-Pumori machine-tools are in good demand and run well in a number of factories of various industry sectors.