25 July 2017

Russian Industrial Regions magazine, No. 3, 2017

Pumori Corporation, one of Russia’s leading engineering companies in the field of metalworking, delivers engineering projects in various industries, such as machinery manufacturing, electrical power, metallurgy, oil, electrical engineering a. o. Pumori has its own production facilities manufacturing machine tools of Russian–Japanese and Russian–Indian co-manufacture, and steam and gas turbine blades and vanes. We design and make PUMORI clamping tools with a quality which is fully in line with international standards.

Pumori Corporation implements a regional development program supported by the Russian government, aimed at establishment of a nationwide network of training and demonstration engineering centres together with major technical universities in industrially developed regions of the country.

In EMO, Pumori Corporation is presenting tools for CNC machines: drill chucks, milling chucks and modular boring systems. All these tools are designed and manufactured in the Corporation.

Versatility of Pumori tools allows equipping modern machining centres with them (even completely) and participate in equipment of special machines for production of special tools in small batches. Pumori manufactures clamping tools with more than 15 types of standard shanks of various standard sizes, including MAS BT, HSK, and DIN, and, besides, tools with special tapers.

Machine tools made by such manufacturers as Okuma (Japan) and Doosan (South Korea) are increasingly delivered by PUMORI tools not only in Russia, but also in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Advantages of PUMORI clamping tools:

1.    Unconstrained retooling,
2.    flexibility in production,
3.    high precision,
4.    long life,
5.    a good value-for-money.

Boring head with electronic digital readout

All heads are equipped with:
1.    a measuring ruler with a magnetic scale
2.    a magnetic pickup
3.    terminals for connecting to the electronic console,
4.    a wire-connected electronic console or a wireless flash drive.

Main sizes:

Designation of head BFE443.25   BFE443.32 BFE443.40 BFE443.50 BFE443.63 BFE443.80
Boring diameter, mm 28 to 42 36 to 53 6 to 74 6 to 126 6 to 168 6 to 290
Accuracy, μm 0,3


Supplied as:

  • Boring head with a kit of attachable tools in a suitcase
  • Stand-alone head with a shank


Pyramid, an external measuring device

Universal multifunctional measuring device is designed to estimate movements of machine-tool attachments; it serves to convert a conventional mechanical boring head to an electrical one with digital readout.

It is used to:

  • measure relative motion of metallic elements to an accuracy of 0.5 μm
  • indicate movements of tool systems to an accuracy of 1 μm/ø
  • tool and attachment setup


Technical data:

1.    Range of measurement: ±5 mm
2.    Measuring resolution: 0.5 µm
3.    Overall dimensions: 56 × 40 × 12 mm
4.    Weight: 50 g


  • With a mechanical boring head
  • With turning units
  • With cross-slides
  • For high-accuracy setup of turning and milling machine tools and attachments
  • For other specific measuring operations

We invite you to see the new and other products by Pumori in the Corporation's stand:
Hall 5, Stand F87