Technology audit helps company increase performance

22 September 2020

Pumori-Engineering Invest has summarized the results of the project of the technology audit carried out in Mashstal Penza Casting and Mechanical Plant earlier this year.

The valve manufacturer had conceived purchasing a factory to expand its production capacity and launch manufacture of new product types. The deal will be worth 1 000 000 000 rubles. A mandatory part of the business plan, which will form the basis for the investment decision, is the technology audit result. The audit team was to assess the reachability of the production goals planned for the plant. The auditing was tasked to Pumori-Engineering Invest.

The company provided a package of cervices including, among others, evaluation of the product quality, the equipment condition, the efficiency of the current processes, the skill of the staff, etc. The first outcome of the work was the conclusion that the company maintained a proper quality of its products, its equipment was essentially in line with the production tasks, and, therefore, the investment conceived was justified. In the second place, the auditors gave recommendations, which will help diminish the production costs. Besides, the company will start manufacturing a product type new to them; it is casting of high-strength iron. Pumori-Engineering Invest experts provided recommendations, which will facilitate the setup of the new production as well, doing it quickly, competently, and without substantial capital outlay.

According to Nikita Gaisin, Head of the company’s Technological Centre,

“The importance of technology auditing is still often underrated. It is believed either that it is not needed at all (‘don’t we know our own workshop’), or, when one must have it, that it will be enough to engage one or two specialists. But that’s a mistake. Only a team of independent specialists geared toward continual study of the most advanced technologies is able to help a company — even a well-running one — to find additional latent capabilities to increase the production efficiency.”

Engagement of an expert engineering company as auditor has other advantages as well: the quality of its services and on-time performance are guaranteed, since its responsibility is higher, including reputational responsibility.