Best wishes on Machine Builders’ Day!

26 September 2019

The machine-building industry is the material basis of national economy. The first machine-building factories in Russia were constructed in the 18th century. Since then the machine building has been developing, with boosts alternating with hard times. Since 1990, Pumori has been making its contribution to the consistent advance of this country’s machine building and metalworking; today the Corporation offers everything a business requires for its technical upgrade — from technical audit through state-of-the-art machinery to staff training. Pumori’s coworkers work for machine building in Russia to serve the aims of technical progress for the benefit of the whole nation.

Pumori Corporation does not just aid machine-building companies, it is a machine builder itself, since its member companies produce modern CNC turning and milling machine-tools and machining centres as well as complex clamping tools, some of which are unique.

On Machine Builders’ Day, we wish all our coworkers, partners, and customers, all colleagues working in machine-building and metalworking companies a sound health, success in your honorable work, wealth, and personal happiness.