Pumori-Sport produces equipment for cycling grounds and bike lanes

17 August 2017

EKATERINBURG, 16 August. /TASS/. Pumori-Sport, a member of Pumori Corporation, has designed and started to manufacture equipment sets for cycling grounds and bike lanes, which include parking facilities, benches, boards with exercises and shelters. The corporation’s press service noted that the manufacture was started within the Velodrome project in the Palniks villa community in the west of Ekaterinburg and that Pumori-Sport has been cooperating with the community for a long time.

“More and more attention is being paid to using bicycles. Gradually, new bike lanes, parking facilities appear; the demand for cycling equipment is growing; exercycles are extensively used. Cycling infrastructure is a must in a truly modern city or town,” they underline in the company. Pumori-Sport has designed and produces bicycle parking facilities for cafés, yards,sport grounds; about thirty kinds are available — for single and multiple bikes, and those with advertisements, where appropriate. We have a parking device where you can fix your bike and use it as a cycling machine.

Pumori-Sport has been present in the sport equipment market for over twenty years, and it has its own well-running production. The company forms its product portfolio based on the needs of society and interests of young people. Therefore, its products include bodybuilding, armwrestling, street workout, mountain skiing, combat sports equipment. The company is the only manufacturer of volleyball trainers in the country. Cycling equipment has been produced here for over ten years.