Pumori Corporation in the Innoprom Exhibition

15 July 2019

Pumori Corporation presented solutions in the frame of movement toward the Industry 4.0 concept in this year’s international Innoprom Exhibition, which was held in the Ekaterinburg EXPO exhibition centre on 8–11 July.

Pumori-Engineering Invest showed the Russian-made Dispatcher equipment operation monitoring system, which has been adopted in over 70 companies. It is compatible with all numeric-controlled equipment, and can also be used with machines without CNC. It collects objective information about the work of equipment and personnel, responds quickly to irregularities and generates progress reports for any period from any perspective for later analysis.

Techtrade presented solutions based on Iscar’s Matrix intelligent toolbox. They constitute another step in the development of tool management systems dealing efficiently with issues related to operating tools, streamlining tool depot management, cutting costs and automating purchases. These systems cater for zero-downtime operation of equipment, correct choice of tools, and single-cost control.

The Pumori stand of 140 sq. m displayed an HSG Laser cutting machine, and two ACE-Pumori Russian-Indian machines — a lathe and a miller.

The Corporation held another event during Innoprom: it invited its partners and customers to visit its new premises on Wednesday, 10 July. As previously reported, Pumori Corporation bought a building at 3, Monterskaya St at the end of 2018. The building was redesigned to house the Engineering Centre with office modules and a production plant. The guests were shown the production line of Genos (Okuma-Pumori) machines, and samples of products (clamping tools and turbine blades). They also saw the already mentioned Dispatcher and Matrix systems at work.


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