Pumori-Engineering Invest helps a customer to increase productivity

08 September 2023

Pumori-Engineering Invest has worked out a machining technology increasing the productivity in the factory several times. The customer is a major Siberian developer and manufacturer of innovative mechanical equipment, which successfully competes against the best foreign counterparts. The task was defined as follows: reduce the machining time of the basic part of the wave gear, thereby raising the productivity.

Pumori-Engineering Invest engineers often face such tasks; they always look for and find a made-to-measure solution. To meet the customer’s requirements, they worked out a new technology, selected modern metalworking equipment and tools, and wrote CNC programs. For the machining, the Chinese high-tech miller, Priminer, was chosen. The CNC code was written with the aid of the SprutCAM system. The machining time was shortened by optimizing the traverse rate in the Priminer V11L Alpha Center, which is characterized by speedier travels. Besides, the cutting parameters were drawn up with due consideration of the technical data, the design features of the machine, and the performance factors of the cutting tools.

After the acceptance of the new technology, the customer began to produce the part in the Priminer V11L Alpha vertical milling center. The check part was made according to the requirements of the technology documentation, the machining time being as many as five minutes less than with the existing technology using a well-known US machine-tool brand.