Pumori Corporation makes a summary of its participation in the Metalloobrabotka 2024 Exhibition

05 June 2024

The international fair took place in the Krasnaya Presnya Expocentre in Moscow

TASS, 5 June. Pumori Corporation made a preliminary review of its participation in the Metalloobrabotka‑2024 international trade show, which took place in Moscow’s Krasnaya Presnya Expocentre on 20–24 May. The work of the Pumori team, which included the Corporation and its member companies, during the exhibition has been pronounced successful, noted the Corporation’s press service.

“The Corporation presented automation solutions branded as Pumori Robotics. <...> They are distinguished for a reliable accuracy of automated operations, a stable quality, and a high repeatability, as, for example, in the presented project of adaptive grinding and polishing of blades and vanes of turbines and compressors of an aircraft engine in a fully automatic mode, without human involvement”, said the press release.

The Corporation was also said to have exhibited a new development: the Pumori-Genos TF‑12/500 CNC turn/mill centre. “The machine performs turning, milling, threading, drilling, and boring. <...> The Corporation has been carrying out assembly of Russian–Indian CNC machine tools for a long time; these are the LT‑200 lathes and the UiP‑VF millers. In this way, Pumori is gradually shaping its machine-tool-making focal area”, the material said.

There also were tools designed and produced in the Corporation, such as boring systems; the modified and improved Pyramid external measuring device version 2.0; milling, drill, collet chucks a. o.

The spokesperson of the Corporation added that brands of friendly countries, first of all India, Turkey, and China, were presented as part of the effort to replace foreign companies that had quit the Russian market.

And Mr. Roman Dmitriev, Commercial Director of the Corporation, noted that

“in the course of numerous talks held in the exhibition, it became clear that the Corporation has made the correct choice of its principal lines of development in the present-day situation. The course set for extension of our own production meets the needs of the times, our engineering competencies are sought after, but the demands of the market keep growing, and we have a lot of work to do in order to satisfy these demands”.

“Numerous meetings took place in the course of the exhibition. The business results expectations have substantially increased”, summed up the press service.