Digitalization and e-management of tooling in metalworking

03 May 2023

Vse Regiony magazine No. 1 (120) 2023

Pumori Corporation is the only Russian producer of complex clamping tools and attachments for machine tools. The product is branded as PUMORI, it fully complies with all international standards and is sold at a more affordable price within a short delivery time; the production line and the warehouse are located in Ekaterinburg.

Digitalization and adoption of new production technologies spurred our designers to further development of boring systems giving rise to an innovative solution unparalleled throughout the world, and that is the PUMORI electronic fine-boring system. The new system is unique in that the head itself houses only the optical rule and a couple of wires brought out to a IP connector. All electronics are in the external console. Now, to set up the head, you connect the console to the head and lock it with built-in magnets. Then, turning the dial and moving the crosshead, we can look at the display of the console and read the actual movement of the crosshead with the cutting tool. The precision of adjustment with the electronic console is 1 micrometre per diameter. Since all the electronics are outside the head, no addition measures of dust and moisture protection are needed, nor any additional balancing of the head. The head remains highly resistant to shocks and shakes; besides, all the e‑heads that you have can be adjusted with one console.

The boring systems are sold both separately and as a portable kit. The kit includes everything necessary for fine machining of various diameters; it goes in a convenient plastic case.