Propitious year for Pumori

30 November 2023

The Corporation’s companies share their impressions of the year 2023.


In 2023, there has been an increase of the number and the volumes of orders for our products, and we, in order to meet the growing needs of the customers, have stepped up the production. It refers both to Pumori’s unique products and to standardized items. The production growth has been attained through load optimization of both machinery and staff. If previously our high-performance machine tools did not work at their highest efficiency, now they are operated in the design mode. At the same time, technological processes are being refined, adding to improvement of effectiveness.

It is worthy of note that the prices for our products are quite competitive; due to larger lots they are rising less than those of our competitors.

Our recruitment needs have grown too, and this is where we come to face certain problems. First, the price of labor is going up; secondly, the labor market supply is going down. To attract new employees, we work closely with training centres, cultivate personal guidance of young workers, and generally pay special attention to them.

The expansion of production generated so-called growing pains: our level of management has turned out to be inadequate for the new volumes. Now we have to tune up the internal logistics, refine the document handling, and improve other components of the management system. More and more emerges the need of automation. All those difficulties, which accompany the growth process, are well known and described, but we saw them take a clear shape precisely in 2023. We are in an extensive search for solutions in order to move on.



In 2023, the company was successfully developing cooperation with equipment manufacturers from India, Turkey, and China. Its product portfolio was supplemented with some new brands. The company is focussed on providing best technological solutions to its customers; therefore, it is very thorough in selecting partners and specifies a number of requirements for their would-be suppliers to meet, such as: high quality of equipment, time on market, extensive production infrastructure, good references, delivery times and logistical accessibility, width of product line, availability of spares and consumables, etc.

The company successfully works with Russian manufacturers. In the current year, some projects were implemented to deliver Russian-made automatic storage systems, vertical lift-type, helping customers significantly reduce the auxiliary time.

Deliveries of Pumori clamping tools (own product) have shown high figures during the nine months of 2023: an 80% gain year on year.

Our company is not just a supplier of modern metalworking machinery, we also implement productivity enhancement projects for our customers. There is a proprietary solutions department, and in 2023 more engineers and designers started work in it. The department carries out automation and robotization projects under the brand Pumori Robotics (automated fitting modules, loading/unloading systems, robotic cell a. o.) intended for reduction of the production costs and enhancement of the product quality. The National Association of Robotics Market Participants has entered Pumori-North-West in the rating of leading Russian robotic solution integrators.

In May 2023, the Pumori Robotics solution was presented in the corporate stand in the Metalloobrabotka Fair.


Pumori-Engineering Invest

After the sanctions were enabled, the Russian Federation has been importing mostly low-budget, relatively simple equipment, which does not mean there is no more demand for high-tech machine tools. We have supplemented our portfolio with some new products from friendly countries: China, India, and Turkey. We try to make maximum use of the functionalities of these machines and offer our customers non-trivial process solutions for them. We can safely say that Chinese and Indian machine tools can also be used in modern, high-performance machining processes, including automation solutions. For each application, for each budget, one can and should find a particular, optimum variant of equipment and tooling. In addition to all their technical advantages, Chinese and Indian machine tools are quite budget-friendly.

We continue work at our own turning/milling centre. The Japanese OKUMA Genos L300М served as the prototype. Only Russian-made components are to be used in the new machine. It is an ambitious, but difficult task. When Russian counterparts of the necessary components are simply non-existent or inadequate in their technical parameters, we have to use what is produced in friendly countries or make the parts ourselves. The design took about a year. The prototype has been created and is undergoing tests. We hope that the new PUMORI machining centre will be in quantity production next year as our contribution to the revival of truly Russian machine-tool industry.

This year, the company has increased its presence in the market almost threefold. This result was achieved through proper sales uplift, which was only possible thanks to our customers’ loyalty built during the long years of cooperation. We can state with certainty that capacity renovation in Russian industry is going on, some exciting projects are being implemented, and unique solutions and processes are developed in the strategic branches of mechanical engineering. And we enjoy a rewarding feeling of belonging to the great cause, which is so necessary for our nation, the cause of creating a new industrial potential, technological independence, and engineering sovereignty of our Motherland.