Pumori-North-West To Speak on Robotization in Machine Industry

13 November 2023

Pumori-North-West will take part in the Petersburg Machine-building Conference to be held on 28–30 November.

The agenda:

  • Review of technologies and equipment for part geometry checks in cases and implementations
  • Review of technologies and equipment for high-precision machining, incl. production of gas-turbine engines and aerospace production
  • Automation and technology integration solutions in mechanical engineering
  • Practicalities of metrological support of production
  • Methods of production equipment maintenance and process monitoring
  • Handling vital personnel problems in the production under shortage conditions
  • Economic instruments of scaling and business growth.

Pumori-North-West Engineering Technical Centre Director Ilya Malchikov will make presentations in two sessions:

a) Technologies and equipment for high-precision machining of parts for gas-turbine engines. 28 November, 1 p.m.

In particular, the speaker will present the implemented project: Pumori Robotics. Robotic system for adaptive grinding and polishing of turbine blades and vanes, and compressors of an engine.

b) Automation and robotization in mechanical engineering. 28 November, 2:50 p.m.

It will be about implemented automation projects for mechanical engineering production facilities; the economic benefits of automation; and the advantages of automation and robotization for industrial production businesses.

Both presentations will take place in the White Nights Hall, Moscow Hotel, at Ploshchad A. Nevskogo, 2.

To register for the conference and learn more about it, go to https://event.metrologi.ru/ Participation is free of charge.