Turning and milling machines made in Russia

The situation when a considerable number of metalworking machinery suppliers have quit Russia creates especially favorable conditions for Russian manufacturers. Pumori Corporation is one of them: two of its member companies produce machine tools. They are Pumori-Engineering Invest in Ekaterinburg and Ural-Tool-Pumori in Perm.

The Ekaterinburg company manufactures Genos L300‑M, a CNC lathe for precise and efficient machining of metal pieces. Features a plentiful variety of configurations, rigidity, reliability, usability, and a competitive price. Its high productivity and accuracy make it ideal for industrial production. Three controlled axes (235 * 520 * 360 mm), power 15/11 kW (30 min/cont.), rotation frequency 25 to 3000 min1. The maximum diameter and length of the material are 300 and 450 mm.

The local content share meets the requirements of the Russian Government, therefore Genos L300-M is declared a Russian-made product.

In Perm, the LT 200 turning centre is brought out. This machine performs full-cycle lathe machining of turned parts up to 290 mm across and up to 500 mm long. The machine can be used for both heavy-duty roughing and finishing with high accuracy. It can machine various materials, hardened steel included. The machine-tool structure was calculated by finite elements. Spindle A2‑6, cartridge-type, with ultraprecision bearings. The turret turns in two directions and allows tools to be indexed without lifting. All the properties mentioned improve the rigidity, positioning accuracy, and repeatability of the machine. CNC: Fanuc. Power 11/7,5 kW (15 min/cont.), rotation frequency 50 to 5000 min−1. The maximum diameter and length of the material are 290 and 500 mm.

Another machine tool produced in Perm for import substitution in metalworking is UiP VF-450/1000 intended for precise high-performance milling. It has a wide range of functionalities, including automatic tool change. UiP VF‑450/1000 is normally used in industrial production facilities, especially where machines are produced, for both roughing (incl. heavy-duty milling) and finishing. It machines various materials, hardened steel included. Rotation frequency 60 to 8000 min−1 . CNC: Siemens. Three controlled axes (800 * 450 * 500 mm). Positioning precision, 0.01 mm. Workpiece carrying capacity, 400 kg. Table dimensions, 1000 * 450 mm. Distance from spindle to table top, 175 to 675 mm. The design of the machine is very ergonomic, with an optimum loading height, free access to the spindle, and convenience of maintenance.

A program is being implemented to gradually increase the local content share in the LT 200 and UiP VF machine tools.

On the whole, use of Russian-made machine tools, such as LT 200 and UiP VF‑450/1000, in place of foreign ones contributes to import substitution in the metalworking sector, improving the equipment availability, reducing dependence on import and fostering the development of this country's industry.