Choose Russian-made products! 8 facts in favor of choosing a Russian CNC lathe

20 April 2021

Regiony Rossii magazine No1 (112) 2021

The Russian OKUMA–PUMORI Genos L300‑M lathes are functioning in hundreds of factories across the country — from large engineering factories to small private companies Why do customers favor them? Here are the facts:

1. It is not just a machine tool, it’s a machining centre. The machine performs not only turning, but also milling, threading, drilling, and boring. An ample basic configuration, high precision of machining, guaranteed rigidity, usability, an optimum price — all that encourages a high demand for the machine.

2. Optimum price. The price of the Russian OKUMA-PUMORI Genos L300‑M is 15% lower than that of an imported machine of the same model. The price includes installation and commissioning, tools, and training of the customer’s staff.

3. High manufacturing quality. The equipment undergoes a multiple inspection by both the designing company, OKUMA (Japan), and the manufacturer, Pumori-Engineering Invest from Russia.

4. Reliability. It suits best companies wishing to have reliable foreign-made machinery with a wide range of capabilities, but unable to buy it. Genos L300‑M is a Russian machine tool: the share of components made in this country amounts currently to 57% It is planned to increase this share to 70%.

5. Minimum delivery time. The Russian CNC machine will be delivered much faster: it will arrive in any region of the country within a fortnight, while importation of its foreign counterpart may take months.

6. Customer support. Customer support is provided throughout the operating life of the machine. Pumori-Engineering Invest service centre engineers respond quickly to requests.

7. Extended warranty. The length of the spindle warranty is three years, and the machine is guaranteed for two years. By comparison, the warranty period provided by most manufacturers is only one year.

8. Automation. New opportunities of using this machine open up when it is equipped with manipulating and transporting robots as well as other elements of automated production. Around this machine, Pumori-Engineering Invest specialists will build an automated cell or even a line, if necessary.

The company shows the Genos Russian CNC lathes on permanent exhibit. Call at our Engineering and Technical Centre in Ekaterinburg or Technical Centre in Moscow, and you will get to know our equipment better!


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