High quality, individual approach, and professional expertise. How Ural-Tool-Pumori helps companies to modernize their production

28 February 2022

Regiony Rossii magazine No. 9 (189) 2022

Each company, sooner or later, faces the task of modernization and reorganization of its production facilities. It might seem the process is very simple: you just buy and launch new equipment; however, for the modernization to be efficient, a whole set of multifactorial actions has to be taken. Ural-Tool-Pumori has been working in the market for 28 years, extensively implementing newest technologies, tools, and equipment in machine building and metalworking, helping their customers to conduct preliminary analysis and ensure the accuracy of managing an engineering project.

The company believes that renovation of production assets needs a solid approach. First of all, the aims of modernization should be chalked out. That is what customers representing private and large companies in Russia want Ural-Tool-Pumori's engineers to do. Next comes one of the critical stages where the staff draw up a factory improvement plan in order to avoid off-target expense on unnecessary arrangements and inefficient equipment.

Obviously, the concrete list of modernization aims is defined for each company on an individual basis.

«We make an individual production modernization project for each customer, selecting machinery and tooling. We not only assemble and launch the equipment, we also carry out training and upskilling of the customer's personnel», — said Equipment Sales Head Aleksei Telnov.

One of Ural-Tool-Pumori’s principles is saving the customer’s time. According to Equipment Assembly and Servicing Head Mikhail Sukhanov, at present the warehouses in Perm are storing more than 20 CNC machine tools and over 10 thousand items of metal-cutting tools for any tasks in metalworking.

«Besides, the company has increased its servicing staff to enable visiting customers’ sites within 24 hours. More than 80% of machine tools delivered are put into service within 3–7 days. Such results allow modernization to be carried out in the shortest time frame», — explained Mr. Sukhanov.