Making robots work

10 April 2024

Regions of Russia magazine, No. 2-2024

According to National Association of Robotics Market Participants research, the number of projects associated with robotized solutions in Russian production companies is going up. Throughout the year 2022, there were 655 projects implemented, while in May 2023, as many as 989 projects were underway.

The growth of interest of Russian manufacturers in automation and robotization makes perfect sense, since automation brings about a number of advantages. They are:

  • Production cost cutting achieved through reducing downtime, streamlining processes, and possibility of unattended production.
  • Improvement in the quality of the products (through human error reduction).
  • Increased production capacity, making 24/7 production possible.

The value of automating manufacturing processes runs high under the labor shortage conditions.

For over 15 years, Pumori-North-West (a Pumori Corporation company) has been focussing on engineering services for industrial facilities. Pumori-North-West develops modernization and technical upgrade projects: from piecework and pilot to low-volume/high-variety production with frequently changing tasks.

Pumori-North-West has an extensive experience of implementing automation and robotization projects in Russian companies of various industry sectors (engine production, oil&gas, instrument industry, valving, educational institutions, a. o.):

  • Automated storage systems
  • Flexible manufacturing systems
  • Robot cells for machining centres
  • Robotic loading/unloading systems
  • Robotized lines
  • Robotized systems for tube endforming
  • Robotized fitting complexes

The extensive experience of the realization of engineering projects has enabled the company’s specialists to implement our own product to automate machining and benchwork operations in industrial facilities — Pumori Robotics.

Pumori Robotics cells are customizable, and they redefine the efficiency of machine tools. The product is used, for instance, in an automated system for grinding and polishing of blades.

Pumori-North-West also has competencies in automation of manufacturing processes in the aircraft industry. For example, implementing technologies and equipment for high-precision machining of parts for gas-turbine engines:

  • Robotized systems for polishing aircraft blades
  • Robotic systems for adaptive grinding and polishing of blades and vanes
  • Various production-integrated robotic systems