Pumori-North-West launches cooperation with a Portuguese manufacturer of tube benders

14 January 2021

Earlier this year, senior managers of Pumori-North-West conducted negotiations with VLB Group from Portugal. The parties agreed about the conditions of VLB’s representation in Russia.

The Portuguese company offsets its young age by scouting experienced personnel with dozens of years of accumulated experience in metalworking machinery, especially in tube and plate forming. VLB has incorporated proven professionals, in all aspects of the process: research and development, the manufacturing process, software development, automation and so on. The company actively cooperates with universities and research institutes in order to develop new solutions.

Pumori-North-West was especially interested in the following VLB products:

  • Mandrelless tube bending machines, ML series;
  • Semi-automatic hybrid NC tube-bending machines, ECO series;
  • Fully-electric CNC tube benders with rotating heads, EB RH series;
  • Fully-electric CNC tube benders, EB Series.

The company has ultra-modern production facilities. The surface area of the production hall is 3 000 m². A specialized CAM department monitors the production processes.

State-of-the-art constructional solutions and the high quality of the products coupled with favorable prices are the factors that have aroused Pumori’s interest in VLB.