Pumori-Leasing Company Ltd is twenty years old

26 April 2018

Since its establishment in 1998, Pumori-Leasing has worked its way from a narrow-focussed to a multipurpose leasing company, which provides for leasing of the full range of basic assets for Russian enterprises. The company provides a wide range of services; however, with a focus on lease of modern metalworking machinery.

Pumori-Leasing is a customer-centric company. Flexibility, custom-tailored approach, many years of experience, and flexible financial models enable the company to provide its customers with the optimum lease conditions.

“Among our advantages,” said Pumori-Leasing Director Aleksei Nabok, “we reckon, above all, our impeccable reputation. Another advantage is our being part of the large Pumori Corporation. That enables us to offer: delivery of the assets; customs clearance; installation, setup and servicing; engineering; delivery of tools. It is very convenient for Pumori Corporation customers, since there are not many engineering companies offering leasing services as well. Our especial value is our staff, notable for responsibility, expertise, honesty, and commitment.”

In its work, the company is guided by its five-year development strategy. In the challenging conditions of the market today, Pumori-Leasing strives to increase the quality of its services and leasing products.