Engineering Centre as a progressive approach to solving problems of machine-building

20 February 2024

Regions of Russia magazine, No. 1–2024




Pumori Corporation includes a structure named the Engineering Centre. What it is for (both in the Corporation and on the country scale) was the subject of our talk with Mr. Vladimir Revzin, Pumori Engineering Centre General Director.

What is the Engineering Centre, and what purpose does it serve?

The Pumori Engineering Centre is a structure within Pumori Corporation, and it integrates four of the Corporation’s member companies. The main purpose of establishing the EC is increasing the efficiency of the companies due to an integrated management and control system, streamlining financial flows, asset protection, etc.

What companies belong to the Engineering Centre?

The EC incorporates Pumori-Engineering Invest, Techtrade, Pumori-Leasing, and UZIS. All of them enjoy equal rights.

Speaking in specifics, what is the practical sense of the EC’s activities?

Cooperation and well-organized interworking of teams are always key to the success. The Engineering Centre facilitates amassing competencies in the industries of machines, machine-tools, clamping tools, etc., to be later used by all the participants. If the companies continued to work separately, even within the common corporation, they would not be able to achieve similar results, similar efficiency. That is where I see the main purpose of erecting the common structure within Pumori.

Are there plans to establish more engineering centres?

From the very start, the strategy of our Corporation provided for establishing several engineering centres in the areas of Russia where industry, especially machine-building, is concentrated. And our EC in Ekaterinburg will be the benchmark for them. it is not always convenient to work remotely with a customer in the North-West when you are in Ural. Each of the engineering centres will address its audience based on he territorial and production characteristics. Russian companies that we cooperate with should be close at hand. The scope of our interests and application of our competencies should be scaled accordingly. It is advantageous both to companies operating there and to us; and, therefore, to the Russian machine-building as a whole. One of the key values of the Corporation and the Engineering Centre is that our activity is not just business. We see our mission in contributing to the evolvement of Russia’s technological sovereignty.

Looking at the short-term horizon, what are the plans for the nearest future?

We plan to develop competencies in the production of our own metalworking machinery. Right now we are preparing for quantity production the Genos TF 12/500 turning centre, which will be shown in the Metalloobrabotka 2024 Fair in Moscow. Besides, we continue developing and manufacturing our clamping tools and attachments. This activity is also a key one for us, since the recent decades’ dependence of Russian machine producers on imported tools has not made our industry stronger. And today, we are multiplying the production volumes, launching new R&D projects to cover completely the demand of the manufacturing community within our range of products, since the machine and tool industry is a strategic one, creating a base for the production potential of the country.