Pumori-Energy is among the first to be shortlisted for the Brand of the Year in Russia Award

02 March 2023

TASS, 21 February. The Administration of the Brand of the Year in Russia National Award announced the results of the first-stage reviewal of the contest applications earlier today. The expert jury of the award selected the applications best matching the specially defined criteria, and named the first 12 finalist companies.

“During the first months, the geographical spread of participants has included over twenty regions of our country. In the course of processing applications, we saw that all these brands are leaders making, together with their customers, a tremendous transformation of the market. That is why our award aims not only at commendation of the best and established, but more at support and promotion of new worthy players. Those who display a leader’s potential, exhibit phenomenal speed and adaptability, and put the expectations and needs of Russian consumers above all”, said Dmitrii Frolov, President of the Award.

Finalists of the first qualifying stage of the contest for the award are:

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  • Pumori-Energy, category “Industrial Brand”, subcategory “Machine-building”
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The complete shortlist can bee seen in the official website of the award.

The second and the third stages will be held in spring and in the early summer of 2023. Applications are received on the website of the award.

Besides, the Brand of the Year in Russia will include large-scale events, such as Open Presentation Days, on-line and off-line discussions of topical questions concerning branding in Russia.

The awarding ceremony will take place in Moscow in June.