29 September 2022

Promyshlennye Regiony Rossii magazine No. 2 (117) 2022

The striking changes in the geopolitical situation have completely transformed the whole Russian market. Machine tools, tooling, software have always been strategic products, essential goods supporting the technological security of a company, a group of companies, even a country as a whole!

For years we have been talking of import substitution, working at it, the way we saw it, felt it, were able to. But we couldn’t even have imagined that our foreign partners, vendors would suspend or even completely break the relations with us. In spite of everything, life goes on, and we don’t despair, we keep working! Wherein do we see our mission and business development opportunity today?

We have partners!

Timely and flexible product portfolio management in Pumori-Engineering Invest is the main factor of successful interaction with customers in any conditions. Today’s partners of our company include those manufacturers from India and China that offer recommendable machine tools. We are looking to them, putting them into our studies, and envision the opportunity to construct interesting and self-sufficient technological solutions based on their machine tools.

Own products for sanction independence

In 2013, we began working at our own machine, OKUMA-PUMORI. After that, we have been replacing Japanese components with Russian-made ones, thus creating a Russian product. We haven’t had time to make 100%, but 60% is also good. In the present conditions, we already can offer our machine tools to users. Apart from machine tools, we offer clamping tools of our own manufacture branded as Pumori: various kinds of chucks, boring heads, boring kits and many other product…

Customer care

From the very start of our company, servicing has been an indispensable part of our work. Now it is even more critical. We cannot leave our customers alone with their problems. Despite all difficulties, we will help them and work together to find alternative ways of equipment repair and maintenance in full compliance with the requirements of technical documentation.

We are by your side, we preserve our team, we expand resources. As before, we work out processes, projects, solutions… best expert solutions for machine-building applications.