Ural Tooling Systems Works Ltd. (also called UZIS) has been a Pumori Corporation member company since 1990. It is the leading manufacturer of tool systems for metalworking machines in Russia. The products made by UZIS are branded as Pumori.

Its product range includes a sufficient mix of product line groups and items of clamping tools to equip both CNC and manual machines.


  • turning-tool holders,
  • milling, drill, thread-cutting chucks,
  • boring systems for rough and fine machining,
  • precision chucks,
  • centre selectors, etc.


The company has a modern, powerful production centre, a research and development department, highly skilled workers and managers. The tools and accessories are manufactured on high-precision Japanese OKUMA machines with high-quality tools, some of which are of the company's own make. UZIS is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 quality system, and it delivers a high quality of workmanship in line with European standards.

The company focusses on comprehensive solutions: the design of each tool and option should provide for the capability of its being added or upgraded in a simple and low-cost way at any time. It is immaterial how you want to configure your cutting system today, because you will be making secure investment into tomorrow.