Pumori-North-West is one of the largest companies in the North-West of Russia in the business of delivery of metalworking equipment and tools.

For over 15 years, the company has been focussing on engineering services for industrial facilities. Pumori-North-West develops modernization and technical upgrade projects: from piecework and pilot to low-volume/high-variety production with frequently changing tasks.

The extensive experience of the realization of engineering projects has enabled the company’s specialists to implement our own product (PumoriRobotics) to automate machining and benchwork operations in industrial facilities.



  • Development of complex engineering projects for creation and modernization of industrial facilities
  • Package deliveries of metalworking equipment, tools (incl. Russian makes in the context of import substitution) and attachments/accessories for machine-tools
  • Warranty and maintenance servicing of the equipment delivered Training of customers’ staff, our own
  • Training and Demonstration Centre



  • Metalworking machines
  • Equipment for machining composites, aluminum alloys, and additive fabrication
  • Factory automation and industrial robots (flexible manufacturing systems, automated storage systems)
  • Hydraulic three-and four-roll machines and angle bending machines
  • Water jet cutting equipment
  • Hydraulic presses and guillotine shears, fiber-laser and plasma cutting machines
  • Coolant treatment and filtration systems
  • Surface treatment equipment, washers
  • Pumori clamping tools and accessories (own production)


Pumori-North-West has reference customers in all main industries (production of aircraft, automobiles, engines, valves, heavy machines, ships, food industry equipment, instruments; oil, gas and petrochemical equipment, etc.) and is willing to offer development of an integrated management and planning system for all production processes with the aid of various equipment: from product launch to its dispatch.

The company regularly participates in major national and regional metalworking exhibitions, as well as in some fairs taking place in other countries: (Moscow Metalloobrabotka, Moscow Metal-Expo, Almaty Mashinostroenie/Metalloobrabotka, Kazan Mashinostroenie/ Metallobrabotka, Ekaterinburg Innoprom [as part of Pumori Corporation’s delegation].


Sedova St.11, Building 2, Liter A, St. Petersburg, 192019, Russia

+7 (812) 670-70-26

+7 (812) 670-70-27 (fax)