Implementation of the SprutCAM system of CNC programming in a laundry and ironing production facility

Because of ever-growing market requirements for the company’s products, the parts and components of the equipment manufactured have become more complex. The complexity of the parts has reached a level where manual development of NC programs is either impossible or very laborious. Consequently, the machines stand idle waiting for the programs, or the programs are sub-optimal, leading to underperformance of the equipment.


  • Customer:
    Leading Russian producer of equipment for laundering and drycleaning businesses
  • Provider: Pumori-Engineering Invest

Project description

Implementation of the SprutCAM system. The project began with programming of relatively simple machine-tools — a three-axis machining centre and a lathe with driven tools. Now long-turning automatic lathes are being programmed using SprutCAM.

Project stages


  • Delivery of the system
  • Postprocessor development and debugging
  • Training
  • Technical support
  • Custom programming according to the customer’s new tasks


Project result

Machining of complex-shaped parts brought in Reduction of the time for NC programming and of the idle time in wait for the programs.