Cooperation with major technical universities of the Russian Federation, establishment and development in the Russian regions of the network of Training and Demonstration Centres is one of Pumori Corporation’s strategic objectives, which has been under implementation since 2007. At present, a network of such centres functions in Russia: in Moscow, Perm, Omsk, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, and Volgograd.

The centres carry out various activities depending on the specific tasks of a given university and comprising:​​​

— educational process,

— (re)training of staff for industrial companies,

— research,

— manufacture services.

Each centre is equipped according to the specific tasks of the training-production and research process of its university. The machine-tool population of the Training and Demonstration Centres is regularly updated, enabling students to use the most recent equipment. For clamping, machines of the centres are tooled with products of the Ural Tooling Systems Works (UZIS, a Pumori company).



Cooperation with technical universities helps Pumori Corporation to expand its distribution network, demonstrate latest equipment and technologies, train specialists in the use of corporate products, carry out educational and promotional activities. It is a win-win situation: the technical university receives a modern training centre with state-of-the-art equipment and tooling, and Pumori, a framework for promotion of its products.

Would-be engineers of machine-building companies enjoy an opportunity to get training using equipment and tools manufactured and supplied by the Corporation’s member companies.


In the context of the network of the Training and Demonstration Centres, Pumori Corporation sponsors undergraduate scientific-technical conferences, organizes educational seminars, where specialists from Pumori companies and representatives of leading manufacturers of metal-cutting and metalworking equipment familiarize students and specialists from production companies with the most modern metalworking technologies and machinery capabilities, and the latest in the machine and tool production.

Each year we organize roundtables of representatives of the Training and Demonstration Centres and of Pumori companies to discuss current problems of the development of the network and roughcast plans of joint initiatives. These events take place within the business program of the Moscow Metalloobrabotka International Exhibition.


Contact data:

+7 (343) 287-47-87 Training Centre